2008 Chevy Suburban-Collision Repair

This 2008 Chevy Suburban had collision damage from an unfortunate accident.  The Rod Shop brought it up from Phoenix to replace the front bumper, fix the paint chips & body damage caused by the collision. We also repainted the suburban back to the original factory paint color.



1964 Chevelle El Camino

This beautiful 1964 Chevelle Camino came in with significant damage to the body.

You can see we have used a stud gun to attach pulling pins to be used with a slide hammer. This removes the dent without drilling holes in the body like the good old days. I like using a dry guide coat as shown on our tail gate on the elcomino. This is used to locate the low spots in the panel. After the panels were metal worked we applied a skim coat of bondo, let it dry completely and  sanded it down. You cant beat the way 3m mudd lays and it doesn’t shrink.

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1959 Ford F250

This 1959 ford came to us for some mechanical work. We are replacing all the steering components, the Tie rod ends , drag link, and removed the steering box to rebuild.  We also removed the oil pan to fix the  mounting surface and removed the external oil pump to rebuild.



Oil pan was leaking around drain plug due to it being pushed in


Oil pan restoration Oil pan lip needed to be straitened back out



1956 Dalton Trailer Repair & Paint

Recently on of our customers was on the road when the unimaginable happened. Well not actually unimaginable, it happens every day, an auto accident and someone sideswiped his 1956 Dalton Trailer. 

With being one of the new up & coming  auto repair shops in Prescott AZ, our client brought his damaged trailer to us for repair and new paint.

We are currently in the process of removing the car plastic rubber off side , removing the old  seam sealer and etch priming to get it ready for the new

20141031_105942 IMG_2226 IMG_2220 1956 Dalton Trailer Repair Prescott20141204_140011